Over the last few years, the Exeter BIA has been working on a digital mapping project to enhance the community’s overall online presence – both individual businesses & general community content in order to provide a better experience to potential customers, visitors, new residents & businesses.

Why is increasing the overall online presence of Exeter our focus?

  • The Exeter Business Improvement Area (BIA) has a mandate to market & beautify Exeter as a business, shopping & service destination. In order to do that, the BIA represents the whole team – the collection of individual businesses & experiences that make Exeter a vibrant town.
  • The first place people experience a community is ONLINE. Over the past few years, it has become very evident to the BIA that the community of Exeter is very underrepresented online – resulting in a poor visitor experience before people even step on the street.
  • Thus, it has become a focus for the BIA to get Exeter & the broader community on the digital map – to better represent our products, services, assets & amenities to potential customers, visitors, new businesses & new residents.
  • Enhancing the online experience is CRUCIAL for businesses AND the community as a whole to stay competitive.

Increasing the collective online presence of Exeter will:

  • Support existing businesses – By creating awareness for products & services available locally & working to capture more visitor traffic from nearby lake-shore destinations & urban centers.
  • Attract new businesses – Entrepreneurs only invest in successful communities; we need to make sure we sell community vibrancy online.
  • Attract new workers & residents – To combat local workforce shortages by attracting new workers / residents to meet current needs & help local businesses grow.

Help us communicate all that our vibrant town has to offer!

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