An active volunteer Board of Directors and a dedicated BIA Manager work to oversee all BIA activities and spending.

BIA Executive

Rose Glavin-Pullman

Rose Glavin-Pullman


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Tira Wootton


Janice Brock

Janice Brock

Secretary / Treasurer

BIA Directors

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Lauryn Marion

Promotions Chair

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Mary Hulley

Beautification Chair

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Adrian Bakelaar


Allen Plant Photo

Allen Plant


Fred Godbolt

Fred Godbolt



Councillor Aaron Neeb

Councillor Representative

Brittany Wise BIA Manager

Brittany Wise

BIA Manager

BIA Staff

Georgia Athanasiou

Georgia Athanasiou

BIA Manager (Temporary)

BIA Staff


Beautification Subcommittee

The overall look and feel of the community and how that affects a customer’s impression of Exeter is very important in terms of increasing sales and having customers return. Beautification activities currently include the flowers, street pole banners and decorative lights in the commercial district. The BIA was involved in the selection process for the new heritage-style street lights and we were instrumental in seeing new entrance signage to Exeter which gives people a more positive first impression of our community. We will be working with the Municipality to implement the Community Improvement Incentive Grant program and a parking plan for Exeter.

Promotions Subcommittee

The BIA works to promote the Exeter business community to local residents, visitors and new businesses. This subcommittee is responsible for the BIA’s branding and marketing campaigns, the BIA’s Signature events, print, radio and online promotion. Our goal is to provide an excellent experience in Exeter, in order to increase spending and return visits in the future.