Exeter, Ontario is well-known as the home of the white squirrel. Visit towns and cities around the world and you’ll find squirrels that are grey and black. In Exeter, you’ll see squirrels that are WHITE!

Exeter’s white squirrels are not albinos; they are actually white with dark coloured eyes versus the classic albino red. True white squirrels are said to be a genetic mutation of the common Eastern Grey Squirrel. Normally black or grey, these creatures can also have a reddish tinge or more rarely, white fur. In Exeter, the white colour phase has become predominant.

White squirrels date back until 1912, but until the late 1980’s, Exeter locals thought white squirrels were common creatures until a new resident told them just how unique they were. It was then that the significance of the “White Wonder” was realized and the white squirrel became a symbol of Exeter. Now, the town has a by-law that protects these furry treasures.

There are a few other towns in North America that have white squirrels, but true white squirrels are extremely rare and are found in very few places. There are sightings in other Ontario communities, but due to the rarity of the white mutation, it is unlikely that those towns will ever have a white squirrel population similar to Exeter.

Exeter has visitors from far and wide who come for the chance to catch a glimpse of a white squirrel. Take a stroll and try to spot your very own!


Like other squirrels, our white squirrels can be found playing in park and trail areas, but are more often seen in the residential parts of town, particularly near the historic core area.

If you’re lucky enough to capture a photo of our famous friends, make sure you share on social media using #whitesquirrel, #ExeterON, #ExperienceExeter!

NOTE: We cannot guarantee a sighting of a white squirrel. We wish you the best of luck on your hunt!

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