Map of Exeter BIA boundries, Exeter Ontario, South Huron


The Exeter Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a non-profit organization that represents over 225 local businesses and commercial property owners in the town of Exeter. The BIA has a mandate to beautify and market Exeter’s commercial districts as a business, shopping and service destination. We work to create a thriving, competitive and safe business area to attract shoppers, diners, visitors and new businesses.

To aid in our goal of supporting local business retention, expansion and attraction, we host numerous special events and promotions each year, support streetscape improvement projects, disseminate economic development related information, advocate for our membership and regularly partner with other community, county-wide and regional organizations to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Ultimately, the principle of the BIA is to lift the whole community up – to help make it a better place to live, visit and do business.

How is the Exeter BIA funded?

The Exeter BIA is primarily funded through a mandatory Municipal tax levy for all businesses within a specific geographic area. Levies are calculated on an assessment-based system that collects from all ‘commercial and industrial’ zoned properties within that designated area. All charges are assessed to the property owner who is able to recoup the costs from the lessee. Currently, the annual BIA levy is $70,195 based on a sliding-scale membership with a minimum charge of $75 and maximum of $600.


By working collectively as a BIA, in partnership with the Municipality of South Huron, the South Huron Chamber of Commerce and other community groups and service clubs, we have the organizational capacity to be catalysts for civic improvement, enhancing the quality of life in the local neighbourhood and the municipality as a whole.

Are there BIA’s in other towns and cities?

There are thousands of BIA’s across the globe and almost 500 in Canada. Toronto alone has 81 BIA’s representing different communities within the city. Pick your favourite towns and cities across the country – chances are that they have a BIA. BIA’s help municipalities undertake programs and activities that they do not have the resources to take on themselves.

View of copy of the Exeter BIA’s Procedural By-Law.

Job opportunities with the BIA

The Exeter BIA does not currently have any open positions. Check back to discover future opportunities!


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